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Thread: Rand Paul Op-Ed: Taxpayers, jobless hurt by extended aid

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    Default Rand Paul Op-Ed: Taxpayers, jobless hurt by extended aid

    Taxpayers, jobless hurt by extended aid

    December 23, 2013

    Economic illiteracy condemns us to well-intentioned, big-hearted, but small-brained responses to real problems.

    Millions of people are out of work. We all have sympathy for those who are unemployed and I believe it is our moral obligation as a society to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Liberal pundits try to argue that Democrats are the only ones who care about the poor and unemployed, but the truth is, caring doesn't help unless it is linked to good policy.

    The first thing we have to do is help the unemployed secure jobs. That is why I went to Detroit last week, to present a blueprint for individual liberties and free markets. The "Economic Freedom Zones Act of 2013" is merely one idea that will aid cities where unemployment is more than one and a half times the national average.

    This legislative idea will reduce red tape and punitive taxes, and thus, more money will be left in the hands of those living in these cities.


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    People' wont see it this way... I am sure most people see it as heartless and uncaring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alucard13mm View Post
    People' wont see it this way... I am sure most people see it as heartless and uncaring.
    Caring only counts when government bureaucrats do it for you ...
    tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito ˇ fiat justitia, ruat caelum ˇ sic semper tyrannis
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    the unemployed people aren't blowing their checks helping out the homeless either, so i guess they are uncaring too. i mean, if you really cared, you can get by with 3 dollars a day eating junk and donating the rest to the homeless, c'mon, you so uncaring.

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