There are countless attacks against Ron Paul by trolls trying to implant the thought in people's minds that Ron Paul cannot win the nomination. They repeat it again and again in various ways trying to smear our candidate. For goodness sakes, they even planted a question in the debates about how he cannot win the nomination!

The frank truth is that the media and other candidates hope that by repeating this notion enough times that people will start believing it. They literally want to brainwash the masses. We know Ron Paul can win, but the media and other candidates want people to think he has no chance.

I think it's urgent that we show the world Ron Paul can win by making the largest possible donations we can on the "Rudys Reading List" and Tea Party 07 money bombs!

If we can have two successful money bombs on these dates it will send a loud signal that we cannot be ignored, his campaign is accelerating, his number of supporters is growing, and WE CAN WIN!