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Thread: Electoral Vulnerability of Connecticut Gun Grabbers

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    Electoral Vulnerability of Connecticut Gun Grabbers

    I made a couple of charts comparing gun permit holder rates in each electoral district, as best as I could estimate it, against how "safe" each of the scumbags are that voted for the new gun law, as determined by their margin of victory in a recent election. I couldn't find a source for total gun ownership rates by town or electoral district, but the estimate for the total number of gun owners in the state is about triple the number of permit holders, so multiplying the data points of the Y axis by three is about as close as it's possible to get, as far as I can determine.

    My hope is that everyone at or above the 8% line is at least subject to a primary challenge. There's a decent chance that a lot of the people to the right of the 30% line will lose in a general election, although in the lower-right quadrants, maybe not on the issue of gun control. A couple of them have to know they're about to lose their jobs. Best case scenario, maybe half of them are removed. 18 in the general assembly and 5 in the state senate had no opponent in 2012. It's a guaranteed win for them if they aren't challenged.

    "Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."
    Ronald Reagan, 1981

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    So here's some good news. Either the estimates for the number of assault weapons and large capacity magazines that needed to be registered were off by orders of magnitude, or the vast majority of people just told the government to $#@! off.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hartford Courant
    About 50,000 assault weapons were registered last year, and close to 40,000 people declared possession of magazines
    That's through the deadline.

    In 2011 the Office of Legislative Research was asked to give its estimate for the impact of the law, and the numbers of magazines and assault weapons that would need to be registered. It estimated there are at least 603,000 firearms that use large capacity magazines and, estimating 4 magazines per firearm, maybe around 2.4 million large capacity magazines - plus millions more for which they can't get an estimate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Office of Legislative Research
    How many large capacity magazines are there in Connecticut?

    We were unable to find this number, but the NSSF (The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms industry) estimates that it could be in the tens of millions. NSSF used the following methodology to arrive at this figure.

    Based on Connecticut's percentage of National Instant Criminal Background Check System checks in the Unites States, NSSF estimated that the number of firearms owned by Connecticut residents is about three million. About one million of these firearms are handguns, of which 21%, or 231,000 use large capacity magazines. About 1.2 million are rifles, of which 30%, or 372,000 use large capacity magazines. Assuming four magazines owned for every firearm (assuming every firearm comes standard with at least two magazines), NSSF asserts there are over 2.4 million large capacity magazines in Connecticut that originated at the retail level. The NSSF final figure is larger than this because it counts firearms already in the state and those not purchased at the retail level.

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