I posted this up on Facebook for my progressive/collectivist friends to get pissed about, thought I would share here too.

Jamestown Thanksgiving Lesson - Teach your children well.

Let's remember on Thanksgiving that Jamestown started off as an actual communist, or collectivist, settlement and as such all production was divided out to all of the families regardless of production. We know now this system is not a good one and leads to needless suffering and in the case of Jamestown it led to many needless deaths. From 1620 - 1622 more than half of the original pilgrims died. It was only when they went to a more free market type system by where people began to keep the fruits of their labor did they become a more prosperous society as a whole. So it was in 1623 after the pilgrims instituted a free market system they celebrated thier good fortune with the first Thanksgiving.

For those more inclined here is a better history lesson than I can provide.