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Thread: Ben Swann: Nancy Mace poses for photo with Lindsey Graham

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    Ben Swann: Nancy Mace poses for photo with Lindsey Graham

    Lindsey Graham & Nancy Mace, a primary opponent, are seen posing for a picture together at the Citadel homecoming. The two make for an odd picture, as ...
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    Yeah, saw this and I don't think much of it, really. It could either just be a posed shot, just him trying to be friendly, maybe they get along outside of her, Bright, Cash and so on bashing him, or maybe he whispered that he wanted to know how to get the women's vote. Heh. A photo is just that- a photo. I wouldn't think too much into it whether it was any of Graham's challengers. Not like folks will suddenly start yelling 'Posing with the enemy!'

    After all...

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