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Thread: Senate Democrats Voted For Insurance Cancellations

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    Default Senate Democrats Voted For Insurance Cancellations

    That's going to leave a mark. Just run those ads nonstop.
    In September 2010, Senate Republicans brought a resolution to the floor to block implementation of the grandfather rule, warning that it would result in canceled policies and violate President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their insurance if they liked it. …

    On a party line vote, Democrats killed the resolution, which could come back to haunt vulnerable Democrats up for re-election this year.
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    “Force the normies into taking sides. At the moment they are just like "meh, I am minding my own business" retreating culturally into their private bubbles and "safe-spaces" since they don't understand what is going on. When the actual "us vs them" starts, they will be forced to fight or they'll die.” - Anonymous Poster

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuH20 View Post
    That's going to leave a mark. Just run those ads nonstop.
    Yes but they have to make sure people understand what it means.
    * Enforce Border Security – America should be guarding her own borders and enforcing her own laws instead of policing the world and implementing UN mandates.

    * No Amnesty - The Obama Administration’s endorsement of so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, will only encourage more law-breaking.

    * Abolish the Welfare State – Taxpayers cannot continue to pay the high costs to sustain this powerful incentive for illegal immigration. As Milton Friedman famously said, you can’t have open borders and a welfare state.

    * End Birthright Citizenship – As long as illegal immigrants know their children born here will be granted U.S. citizenship, we’ll never be able to control our immigration problem.

    Reprinted from [Nov. 29, 2011]

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    make it viral.
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    Landrieu is done.

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