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  • Yes, No one gives Paul time, he needs to buy a TV spot to talk

    153 89.47%
  • NO, still a bad idea even though we get no time in debates

    18 10.53%
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Thread: Time for a 30 minute infomercial??? Vote

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    Yes, a snippet of Ron Paul is not enough. When people see him and hear him, they will love him!

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    I think only prime time, big network.

    His campaign has proven to be enough of a spectacle that some network would take it.

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    I don't think it's a necssity but it would be great

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    Good idea. But you need to really get their attention in the first 15 seconds.

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    That says it'll cost between $138,000 and $700,000. Of course, we'll have to figure out how much we need (props, crew) and how much stuff we'll need. It says we need $15,000 for a "high-end" audience, which didn't make sense to me. A paid audience? Or does it mean how many seats will be available?

    And then we have to find a place to air it.

    EDIT: I just remembered that thing about how listening to Ron Paul for six minutes converts 70%. I bet the other 30% would be converted if they stayed to watch the rest.
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    checkout the thread about this on official campaign news, if im not mistaken they do have plans for a 30min infomercial.....

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