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Thread: Vote Lonegan

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    Vote Lonegan

    He's talking the talk.

    On student loans: “There is no default as bankruptcy does not even eliminate this debt. Debt is the enemy of prosperity and should be avoided at all costs, even if this means working a job or two while being in school. Hit up your parents for money before you borrow it from the government.”

    On Social Security: “Allow future new participants to invest in personal Social Security accounts that become their own property. This can be accomplished while maintaining current and future recipients’ benefits. Over time we must reform this system or it will not be sustainable. It is time to think and act long term.”

    On the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance programs: “I oppose the NSA intrusion into our privacy and would have voted for the Amash Amendment. I oppose the Patriot Act Surveillance program when implemented without probable cause and a court issued warrant.”

    On whether he favors decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level: “Yes.”
    "We do have some differences and our approaches will be different, but that makes him his own person. I mean why should he [Rand] be a clone and do everything and think just exactly as I have. I think it's an opportunity to be independent minded. We are about 99% [the same on issues]." Ron Paul

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    The gap is closing in the race due to Booker's lies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaftFan View Post
    The gap is closing in the race due to Booker's lies.
    i don't think that hooker thing is helping him either. The gap is closing, I'm surprised.

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    Mark Levin Speech at Lonegan Rally.

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    I saw a lot of Lonegan signs when I was out today. At least 10:1 over Booker signs. Hopefully this translates to a good gotv on Wednesday.

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    Ah good to see support for this here. Unfortunately, like many of the underdog candidates in the NJGOP, poor Lonegan had a terrible campaign. I tried repeatedly to get involved, but they gave me nothing to work with. I was ready to walk around door to door on my own, but if the campaign cant give me any support, then Im not wasting my time. They couldve won this.
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    When Freedom is Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Freedom.

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