PLEASE SHARE! The links to the free global meditation will be available on our website on 9.22.13 -- The Meditation will be done TWICE on 9.22.13 - one for each hemisphere.


On 9.22.13 we are asking the entire world to be a part of a global meditation where everyone can focus on positive thoughts for the global economy. Whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and bring to pass. Together we can create a new world by the thoughts we think. Let's join together to focus our thoughts positively about the global economy and our planet to bring about a MASTER SHIFT.

This is our first "cause meditation." The Master Shift is writing "cause meditations" to bring about world peace and harmony. Our meditations will be a positive/peaceful experience for all participants. We understand that there are other world issues that need to be addressed and will do our best to address each and every one of them in subsequent meditations.

*As always, you do not have to use our meditations to participate in the shift. Feel free to use your time doing what you feel is right in your heart.