Who’s Controlling American Policy?

Date: September 24, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM


Holiday Inn Express
120 Laning Street
Southington, Connecticut

Since 1952, one organization has dominated presidential administrations and driven American policy. That policy results in continuous wars, economic crises, and an ever increasing governmental assault on American liberties.

Before correcting the wrongs in this country, Americans need to understand who is leading the charge to create and keep this policy, regardless of the political party in power. Learn more by attending this local presentation by John F. McManus.

John F. McManus has lectured about American exceptionalism, the founding fathers and Constitutionally limited government for 40+ years. He is currently President of The John Birch Society and Publisher of The New American magazine.

Admission is $10.

Sponsored by Connecticut Oath Keepers & the local chapters of The John Birch Society.