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Thread: 2014 Republican State Convention

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    2014 Republican State Convention

    Folks in Massachusetts.

    The Liberty Movement is lining up a credible, grassroots, candidate to challenge for US Senate (Markey). After Senator Markey's "Present" vote, there exists an opportunity to have a Liberty candidate articulate a conservative, non-interventionist foreign policy instead of an aggressive, interventionist foreign policy.

    HOWEVER - to be on the ballot as a Republican in Massachusetts, you MUST get 15% of the delegates at the Republican State Convention on March 22nd. The powers that be in the state party HAVE MOVED UP the timeline to be eligible to be delegate. (Normally, the convention is in mid-late April).

    In 2010, Liberty Candidate for Auditor BARELY made the 15% threshold (in fact, some said the establishment let him get on because the opponent would then be eligible for State funding of the opponent's campaign). I can assure you, this year, the establishment will NOT be so kind.

    So - if we want a Liberty candidate to be in Republican Primary debates, talking about the NSA, Drones, Internet Privacy, Perpetual War, and the Federal Reserve, then we MUST get our folks to be delegates to the Massachusetts Republican State Convention in 2014.

    Next - How to become a delegate - it's complicated (on purpose), but the place to start is to register Republican by Nov 1st. If you are not a registered Republican, you CANNOT be a delegate. Period. (Yep, I know many folks hate the Republican Neocon leadership- however, do you want to let them win by not trying to exert influence in the MassGOP? "The Power of the Political Party is the Power to Limit your Alternatives" - so don't complain about bad choices in a General Election if you don't participate in the political process)

    Secondly, you need to join your RTC (Republican Town Committee), or start one. More info on that will be forthcoming from

    Please sign up for emails from the Liberty Clubhouse if you have interest in becoming a delegate, giving up a day of your time (probably less than that), to vote for a Liberty Candidate for US Senate.

    Or - the other option - do nothing (or even worse, do ineffective activism that wastes time and resources), and you get the government you deserve.


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