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Thread: leaders refuse to shake obamas hand

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    leaders refuse to shake obamas hand

    this was today i think. i didnt see it anywhere on here. either way its awesome! finally obama is looking foolish on live tv.

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    This is going to be on SNL and late night shows.
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    Snopes says it's fake and from a few years ago. He was introducing the American delegates.

    I saw it on Facebook today too and had to look up if it actually happened.
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    Yeah, he was introducing people.
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    Not new. Dump it. Did you watch the original video? You said it was today, yet the video was uploaded on December 10th, 2009.
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    lol.... video uploaded 2009 ... by Russian Leader none the less!

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    I wouldn't shake his hand either... Common knowledge is he is a ****, and Michelle is his transvestite... no telling where those hands have been.

    I am very liberal when it comes to sexual orientation ................... but I am not liberal when one is of a certain gender and bashes others just for his own political gain.

    F Obama.... drug addicted, **** who can do only one thing right in his life... read a teleprompter .... Would be ok... if that bastard didn't want to run world war III.

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    Quote Originally Posted by satchelmcqueen View Post
    this was today i think.
    Really? You couldn't see that it was from 2009 from the date on the video?

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    srry guys. i linked to it cause a friend told me about it and said it was today. i was to excited and in a hurry to look closer. my mistake

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