Amash: ‘If Americans could read classified docs, they’d be even more against Syria action’

by Allison Coyle
6:27 PM 09/08/2013

Rep. Justin Amash, an outspoken opponent of U.S. intervention in the Syrian civil war, has taken to Twitter to voice his opposition to military intervention. Concurrently, the Michigan Republican warns the American people of misleading claims being made by the Obama administration.

Amash noted that he attended a classified briefing in which evidence for the limited attack on Bashar al-Assad’s Baathist dictatorship was presented to legislators who are now debating a war vote. Though Obama administration officials hope to win congressional support, Amash indicated the briefing had the opposite effect on him.

Amash also suggested the administration is putting out inconsistent information to the public.

The tea party favorite said popular opposition to the Syria war plan, which is already strong, would only be supported by the classified documents.