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Thread: Rand Paul: Barry Goldwater 2.0?

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    Exclamation Rand Paul: Barry Goldwater 2.0?

    Insightful article, especially this line:

    One of Goldwater’s political problems in the 1964 race was a pervasive fear among many that he would start a nuclear war if elected; the Johnson campaign tapped into this fear in its famous “Daisy” ad. An over-the-top ad used against Paul wouldn’t have an exploding nuclear bomb; rather, it could show a bomb detonated by a terrorist who a declawed national security state failed to catch.
    The comparison to Goldwater is that he broke the consensus of the previous 30+ years of the nanny state. Rand could be the candidate to break the current consensus of the global interventionist/national security state. It's a fair article and comparison, and doesn't explicitly conclude anything about Rand's chances.

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    That's actually an awesome piece of analysis. It's very rare that you see political pundits look beyond the status quo.

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    i totally agree

    there is
    a parallel

    i remember
    AuH2O + 1964
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