Hey all. I've read the self-promotion policies, and I think that this post is allowed. If not, feel free to report me or take it down, no hard feelings. Anyways, I've had a blog going for about a month now writing about Maine news and politics with a libertarian perspective. Feel free to check it out at thelibertylobster.com. I'd love some feedback on the site and the content, so feel free to comment or send me an email. Also, I'd love to get more voices on the site, so if you're at least as good of a writer as me (which isn't saying too much), send me a guest post and I'll look it over and maybe publish it on the site. And if you have a blog about Maine politics yourself, I'd love to start a blog roll. We need to create a better online presence for liberty in Maine, and this is my effort to foster the growth of liberty here at home!