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Thread: Nick Sundquist for Michigan 34th District State Senate

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    Thumbs up Nick Sundquist for Michigan 34th District State Senate

    Good day fellow RPF members, friends, and patriots. I am writing today to announce, and endorse the candidacy of Nick Sundquist for Michigan's 34th District State Senate. Nick is a fine gentleman, friend, family man, and liberty choice in West Michigan. Nick runs his own small business and has had a varied career in his life. He served in the U.S. Air force as a medical technician.

    Nick has already ruffled feathers against the incumbent Geoff Hansen. Several weeks ago Nick took a firm stand against accepting Obamacare, and expanding Michigan Medicaid. After his remarks the media could only get a "we will wait and see what the bill has" response from Mr. Hansen. We don't need a candidate that waits to see what way the wind blows we need a Senator that will direct that winds direction in a liberty minded, and conservative way.

    I could go on and detail more of Nick's issues, and plan but I will instead refer you to his website Nick 4 Senate. You can also join and follow him via facebook.

    For those in Michigan we would love your help and support as this campaign starts kicking into high gear. Those that are from out of state are still encouraged, and asked to please donate what you can.

    This will be a difficult primary and we need everyone's help to put a real liberty voice in our State Senate.

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    Is this a campaign just to put pressure on Hansen regarding the Medicaid expansion or is this guy really gonna do what it takes to win? Which is, put his life on hold for a year and campaign his ass off w/ a hopefully healthy amount of volunteers.

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    I saw that they did a 4th of July parade and even recognized one of the younger dudes in the pics as I met him at our recent leadership seminar in our area at the end of June. Are they canvassing hard and getting signs out? Prospective donors would want to know these kinds of things. Sell the person you're trying to help don't just say, "hey, check this guy out."

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    Just wanted to drop in and give a campaign update..... We have a very solid foundation and now are building the campaign and starting to get notice. The Muskegon Chronicle posted a letter to the editor just over a week ago. This letter as unsolicited, and was a great surprise to us when we read it. We have revamped our website in the past few months, and are actively calling constituents and spreading our message.

    Our incumbent opponent Sen. Geoff Hansen has shown everyone in the district what a false conservative he is. He easily turned many Republican voters off by being the deciding vote to accept Obamacare in Michigan with Medicaid Expansion. He has vowed to spend $30,000 in this election (mostly from large pork barrel lobbyists)

    We have no dreams of raising that much, and even less thought of ever having to spend that amount. Our campaign, just like our platform is a true conservative one. However with that said money of course is the evil that drives elections. We are having a small fundraising week from now to January 12th. We have set a goal of only $2014 in that week and I expect that we can easily hit it. What I would love to see is with the true grassroots potential of RPF that we can at least DOUBLE that amount and really give Nick Sundquist a surprise.

    Thank you!! If you have any questions about the campaign, or live in Michigan and want to help let me know.

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