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Thread: Liberty Groups in Portland?

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    Liberty Groups in Portland?

    Hey all,

    I live in Portland, and I was wondering if there are any active liberty leaning political groups in Portland? Let me know if any exist. And if none exist, I'm interested in starting one. Contact me if you're interested in forming a liberty group in Portland.

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    Yes, there are.

    Multnomah County has a CFL group:

    The Oregon RLC are in Portland:

    Portland State University has a YAL group:

    Oregon Liberty Coalition:

    There are also a number of 9/12, Americans For Prosperity and Tea Party groups in the area.

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    Wrong Portland.

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    Man, I was so excited for a second! And then it was like... he's thinking of Oregon. Crap.

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    There are a few meetups and active Facebook groups for Maine

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    Thanks for the replies folks, but maybe I should rephrase the question. I know there are a few liberty groups covering Maine, and a few local liberty groups up north. To my knowledge, there are none in the Greater Portland area. If I were to start one, would there be any interest?

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    I'd be interested.

    I'm a little north of Portland but I could make the trip.
    I was just thinking about a working on starting a group like this. I'm sure there is enough interest for at least once a month.
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    I agree. I'm sure there's enough people in the portland area who'd come out, the problem is getting the word out so that people will come

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    I would see if you could help out the Oregon GOP now that Art Robinson is their chairman.

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    For the second time, this is Portland Maine, not Portland Oregon. Hence why it's in the Maine group! lol

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