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    Thumbs up Weekly Update

    Thanks to your grassroots support, donations, and help spreading the word about Ron Paul Billboards, we are accomplishing our mission. In only a week since beginning this endeavor we are almost half way there.
    We are finalizing designs and will begin working with the graphic design team on the Iowa digital billboard this week. Working together towards this common vision is magnificent, for many hands make light work. We appreciate all the feedback, suggestions and team effort put forth. Collectively we can really make BIG things happen for Ron Paul!

    Many thanks,


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    If we get the billboards up in Iowa and New Hampshire
    Moneybomb on Nov.30 and Dec 16th
    Ron Paul Blimp

    Imagine the media event when we make this happen!

    Everyone double and triple your efforts!

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    Maybe the Ron Paul Blimp will stop at the Ron Paul Billboards.

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    We will have a big effect with all of these individual efforts happening simultaneously. There are enough diverse campaigns for everybody and they are all unique so we will have the medias head spinning. I love it!

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    The money has been raised! Now we need a good billboard to put up.

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    Come on, I think the guys at this site need help coming up with a good billboard ad. what they have on the site is not that great. Somebody on here should be able to come with something. Emphasis on illegal immigration, end the war, and caucus on Jan. 3.

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    We are working on the designs right now and the ones on our site do not represent what we are working on. We are putting emphasis on illegal immigration, ending the war and the economy. Also we are putting Jan 3. on designs as well. We have 8 different ads so we will be able to target the young voters as well as seasoned voters. We are working very hard to accomplish our goals and we know what's at stake and the responsibility we have. All the hard work by us and our supporters will result in an awesome display of support for Ron Paul's run for President.

    Peace and Liberty


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