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Thread: Liberty candidate running for City Council in Duluth MN

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    Liberty candidate running for City Council in Duluth MN

    I have a request to ask, if you can help..... a friend of mine, Ray Whitledge, is running for Duluth City Council and he needs some help. There are five candidates running and the DFL (Democrat Party) has endorsed two of them so they are going to have a huge war chest to help them. My friend Ray, who was endorsed by the Libertarian Party, unfortunately will NOT have a huge war chest behind him so he needs help. If you can help him, please do. Here is his latest post from Facebook....

    "Ray Whitledge for Duluth City Council" just set up our PayPal account to accept donations!!! As the only candidate endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, you can be sure I will fight hard to bring "Local Liberty" to Duluth!!
    Well? What are you waiting for? Go Donate! We need another $300 MINIMUM to place our first order for yard signs. We'd like to order MORE, but that depends on YOU!!! Click on the link, and show a little love for "Local Liberty!" Thank you for your support! We will see you soon!!!

    Please share this on your facebook pages and in liberty groups on facebook.

    - ML
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    I fixed the link, I don't know why it changed when I copy and pasted it. But it is fixed.

    Thanks majormike.
    - ML

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    Here are the 5 candidates running for Duluth city council:

    Zack Filipovich (Endorsed by the DFL) (Democrat) 352 Likes

    Barbara Russ (Endorsed by the DFL) (Democrat) 228 Likes

    Ray Sandman (Democrat) 172 Likes

    Ryan Stauber (Ron Paul supporter) (Republican) 122 Likes

    Ray Whitledge (Endorsed by the Libertarian Party) (Ron Paul supporter) (Libertarian) 164 Likes

    I ask that you please like both Stauber's and Whitledge's pages.

    - ML

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