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    Joe Wilson is a Liar, and a Ron Paul Republican is About to Expose Him!

    Remember Joe Wilson, the South Carolina Congressman who became famous for shouting "You lie!" to the President on the House floor? That comment earned him hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from conservatives who thought it was just great that Joe was standing up to Obama.

    But then they realized, too late, that Joe Wilson really isn't standing up to Obama at all.

    He voted for TARP (the infamous bailout scheme, if you don't know), which put us even further into debt. He was one of the deciding votes in favor of CAFTA back in 2005, in fact he specifically told voters during his campaign that he would vote against CAFTA, then changed his mind and voted for it. The result was that the textile mills in South Carolina closed, and thousands of people lost their jobs.

    He keeps voting for more military spending, even on projects the Defense Department says we don't need.

    For someone whose campaign slogan last year was "Joe Means Jobs", Joe hasn't done much for jobs. In fact, he supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    Joe Wilson is just as bad as Lindsey Graham.

    But fortunately, there's a candidate running against him in the upcoming Republican primary: A real, true blooded Ron Paul Republican who believes in liberty and telling the truth.

    Eddie McCain, from Lexington County, is an Army veteran who, get this, actually OPPOSES war! His bottom line: No new wars, end the ones we're in, get rid of the income tax, and enforce the Constitution. He wants to completely scrap the NSA/CIA/FBI/DHS system that spies on Americans and denies us our basic human rights.

    Eddie McCain is my candidate of choice. I hope he'll be yours. He keeps his word, doesn't make promises he can't keep, and he's an all around good guy. But more important than that, he actually believes in the Constitution. He will fight to keep our country secure, keep us OUT of other countries' business, and work to restore our liberty.

    Join me, and Eddie, and a lot of other liberty folks, at the SC State Capitol, Saturday August 10th, for a Rally for America. Eddie will be getting some big endorsements, and two of the candidates running against Lindsey Graham will be speaking too.

    Saturday, August 10th, 4 pm at the SC state capitol in Columbia.

    Reply to the post if you need more info or just contact Evan Mulch on Facebook.

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    Wilson is SC's worst GOP congressman. If your candidate is running as a Republican, I definitely support his campaign.

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