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Thread: Status of political parties in Louisiana

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    Status of political parties in Louisiana

    Here's how Louisiana's five recognized parties fared over the first half of 2013:

    Democratic Party registrants decreased by 10656, from 1405085 to 1394429.
    Republican Party registrants decreased by 272, from 809298 to 809026.
    Libertarian Party registrants increased by 797, from 7244 to 8041.

    Green Party registrants increased by 80, from 1729 to 1809.
    Reform Party registrants increased by 5, from 1406 to 1411.

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    Someone should start a secessionist party there. That'll take up a lot of the vote over time.

    List of Liberty-minded candidates for Congress in 2014
    Party: Libertarian (since registration) / Religion: none (Ignostic)

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