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Thread: 2013 Doyle Survey Results, what the people of VT think on the issues

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    2013 Doyle Survey Results, what the people of VT think on the issues

    These are some of the results from Vermont Senator Bill Doyle’s 42nd Annual Town Meeting Day Survey, which had nearly 14,000 responses.

    • 42 percent say they think second-term Democrat Shumlin is doing a good job, down from 46 percent last year, while 33 percent say he’s not and 25 percent couldn’t manage to pick yes or no.
    • 33 percent said Vermont should raise the gas tax to pay for roads and bridges, while 56 percent said no and 11 percent weren’t sure.
    The VT legislator voted, and Gov. Shumlin signed into a law, a bill that increases the gas tax by 6cents this year and 1cent next year.

    • 46 percent said the state should pursue closing Vermont Yankee while 41 percent said no.
    • 76 percent think the bottle deposit law should be expanded to include all bottled beverages.
    Politicians are going to notice this. Look for higher prices on beverages in VT in the future.

    • 76 percent said the state should prohibit drivers from using cell phones while 17 percent said no.
    • 56 percent say trained police should be allowed to use tasers.

    • 61 percent want the state to decriminalize possession of a small amount of marijuana.
    That was signed into law this year.

    • 35 percent said there should be a three-year moratorium on ridgeline wind turbines while 52 percent said no.
    • 46 percent said sweetened beverages should be taxed while 47 percent said no. That split reflects votes in two House committees — one for and one barely against such a tax. The House opted instead to remove the sales tax exemption from soda and the Senate has not yet acted on it.
    • 69 percent want the state to pursue alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders.
    • 51 percent say growing hemp would be good for Vermont’s economy.
    • 59 percent say natural gas should be part of Vermont’s economy.
    Some good news!
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    As someone who drinks Soda everyday and usually with every meal. I'd be willing to pay just about anything for the experience. It's my drug of choice.

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