Greetings Friend,

Given your past support, I wanted to let you know about an exciting new project of mine, Red Rock PAC, which we'll use as an avenue to support strong candidates who are running to change the current national political dynamic and deliver solutions for Americans.

One of those people is Gabriel Gomez.

Gabriel Gomez is running for Senate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He’s a first generation American, a Naval Academy graduate and former Navy SEAL, and a father of four. Gabriel will be an independent voice in Washington focused on long-term problem solving - not his next election.

His opponent is part of the problem: he's been in Congress for 37 years and votes with his party leadership 99 percent of the time. Given he has nothing positive to run on, he and his party have been using money and attack ads in an attempt to drown out Gabriel’s message of common sense reforms.

In their last debate Tuesday night, Gabriel put it well, “You've had 37 years to get something done. Give me 17 months.” With all of our help he will be able to make good use of that time.

Mary Kaye and I just pitched in, and I urge you to take a look at Gabriel's candidacy. You’ll like what you see. If you are in New England you can find out how to lend a hand in the final lap here and the rest of us can donate here.

Thanks for your continued friendship, and hopefully together we can get Washington working again.


Jon Huntsman
Surprising as they seem pretty ideologically different.