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Thread: Lt. General Hamid Gul on Alex Jones: CIA Run Al-Qaeda

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    Lt. General Hamid Gul on Alex Jones: CIA Run Al-Qaeda

    Alex talks with Lieutenant-General Hamid Gul, a retired high-ranking general officer in the Pakistan Army, and a former spymaster famous for serving as the Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Gul and Jones talk about how intelligence runs al-Qaeda in Syria and are used to perpetuate a manufactured war on terrorism.

    He's a bit difficult to understand you need to concentrate when he talks but very interesting
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    Here's a partial transcript (from what I can make out):

    On Obama and the US government:

    'The Israeli lobbies and the Indian lobbies are now fully riding on the neck of the Americans -- on the back of the Americans -- but unfortunately Obama has turned out to be a weak link . He has been a very weak president. He is gutless. He lacks courage. He cannot stand up to the Pentagon and its General's. He cannot stand up to the neocons. This is his problem. He can't even do a small thing like close the Guantanamo camp which he promised to close 5 years ago. This is a very bad omen for America and the future.'

    On Afghanistan:

    'Once you are defeated you must break away, immediately cut off, scoot from there gracefully if you can but unfortunately the way they have chosen because of the security contractors -- and there are no less than 105,000 security contractors now employed in Afghanistan -- they're all the old hands of the CIA and the FBI and various other agencies so obviously it's big money for them and then there's the opium trade which is worth more than $5bn in raw form. '

    Opium trade:

    'This is happening right under their [Americans] noses. I'm afraid some of the military aircraft have been used for these purposes because it's not possible. We know there was a time when there were great holes for these narcotics in Pakistan but for the last 6 or 7 years there are no big holes for narcotics, so where are they going? Which route are they taking? Obviously with Iran they can't use that route. Pakistan is not being used. So what route are they using? It's the aerial route that is being used. It's going to Europe and America itself.'

    More on Afghanistan:

    'This is worse than Vietnam. The stakes are much higher for those involved in making big money. I think there has to be a commission setup by the American citizens who will probe into the properties which have been purchased -- the waterfront properties and a lot of money that has been accumulated in banks and elsewhere -- and you have to look into who made all this money. The trillions of dollars which have been transferred out of this.'

    US army involved in blowing stuff up so contractors benefit:

    'And the US corps of engineers -- which is a despicable thing for me to think about as a soldier -- but the US corps of engineers is actually getting graft of up to 25%. They get false receipts signed by the contractors. Buildings are blown up on their orders. They want those bridges blown up so they can be reconstructed and more money can flow into their pocket. So this has corrupted the American people and the longer they stay the more damaging it's going to be for the American people and their character. A whole nations character -- once a very proud nation, it is a proud nation even today I would say one of the greatest nations -- unfortunately what is being done to it by a handful of people who are selfish and malicious and they will stop at nothing to make money.'

    On American General's:

    'So I will also comment upon the General's who freely know this war has been lost but even then they won't stop sacrificing the boys and girls of their own nations because they're so arrogant -- some of them are not corrupt but very arrogant -- they think they cannot be defeated but the fact is they have been defeated very badly.'

    On withdrawing from Afghanistan:

    'Why 2014 if they have lost the war already and it has been known since 2009 that this has been an unwinnable war then why take 5 more years? And yet there are some saying they must stay on... why do they want to stay on? Because there are contractors building up the bases in Afghanistan.

    On the real al-Qaeda and its CIA replacement:

    'For your audience I want to clarify one thing. That there is a genuine al-Qaeda there is no doubt about it. That was a reaction towards what America was doing and what their own countries under the tutelage of America were actually doing so those people came in and gathered in Afghanistan.

    That's true but then immediately the CIA created their OWN
    al-Qaeda and that al-Qaeda or this Taliban as far as Pakistan is concerned are creations of America themselves and unfortunately the British are fully involved in this.

    The other European countries have kept a distance but the British and the Americans are together and have been playing this game for a long time now. But this is a very dangerous game because they know that Afghanistan has never been conquered it has been known as a graveyard of the superpowers and yet another superpower is getting buried there.

    There is still time to achieve a clean break but unfortunately as I said these greedy people who are running the show and filling the pockets of the decision makers will not let them break away while any logic or any reason -- any rational -- suggests they must go away as quickly as possible.

    Now going out of Afghanistan the only relief zone is Pakistan. They cant go towards Iran. They can't go towards the Russians because Putin is at loggerheads with them and he will not allow the Northern network as its called euphemistically, it's just not going to work.

    But Pakistan is also being targeted. Why is Pakistan being destabilized? Well this is the only relief zone for you. This is a big question and it means only one thing: that the Israelis and the Indians -- more particularly the Israelis -- will never rest in peace unless Pakistan is brought to the status of a failed state where Pakistan can be universally declared as a State which must not possess nuclear weapons.

    So I think American policy makers are playing to two different hands. One is the fear and ambition of the Indians and the Israelis and the other is the greed of the multinationals. So these two factors put together are going to destroy the future of the American people.

    They [U.S forces] would like to go back in isolation. They're using drones. As soon as our new government after a very handsome turnout by the people despite the threats of the Taliban of Pakistan that they would attack polling stations the people of Pakistan turned out in huge numbers. And as soon as democracy was established within 2 days there was a drone attack because at the time the Prime Minister elect had said he would engage the Taliban in talks so that this turmoil and bloodshed in Pakistan ends. That means America is not being friendly to the very country that they need so much for their withdrawal.
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    Updated the partial transcript.
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    Updated the transcript with some interesting stuff about al-Qaeda and how its been replaced by the CIA.

    He also talked about the drone attack in Pakistan 2 days after the election which killed a senior Talban leader and was responsible for a break down in peace talks.

    This is verified here:

    Taliban rejects peace talks after deputy chief killed in US drone strike

    May 30th 2013

    PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- The Pakistani Taliban on Thursday backed out of peace talks with the government after confirming the death of its top military commander and deputy leader, Waliur Rahman, in a U.S. drone strike in the volatile North Waziristan tribal region.

    "We are so sad to announce that our sincere and brave leader and a great mujahid [holy warrior], Maulana Waliur Rahman, has died in a U.S. drone attack on Wednesday. It's a huge loss for us," Taliban spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan said, adding that the group plans "to take revenge."

    The spokesman said that the group had withdrawn from peace talks with the Pakistani government and that it blamed the killing on the "Pakistani establishment" and the United States.

    "We will teach a lesson to Pakistan and United States for depriving us of our beloved leader," he said.
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    You cannot fund the POLICE STATE and MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX without keeping WAR and the DRUG TRADE operating full throttle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HOLLYWOOD View Post
    You cannot fund the POLICE STATE and MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX without keeping WAR and the DRUG TRADE operating full throttle.

    Related: The Taliban Drug Mafia
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