Hello my name is Bradley Cooper and I live in Newtown PA (Bucks County). I am the chair of the Bucks County Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party has been in and out of the area since the 80's. Once Ron Paul lost the Republican primary I started working with the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania to help with their candidates and Gary Johnson. I felt they were better then anything the Republicans and Democrats were offering us.

So after the election the Libertarian Party did not have a formal party in Bucks County PA anymore. So I worked with the Libertarian Party and on December 6 2012 we returned the party into the area. So after officers resigned, I took it upon my self to become chair of the Bucks LP. I am really excited to be running the party in the area since the Republican Party of Bucks County kind of lost touch with me and they have their own agenda. If you do not support it and your a Ron Paul like. Well you get the cold shoulder and they want nothing to do with you.

So what I wanted to do is give guys that Support the Constitution,Bill of rights, freedom, Liberties and basically Ron Paul like a chance to run on a party that supports that. A party that does not compromise it's core views in order to win elections like the Republican party has done. People always tell me it is a waste of time to do this, but I would rather fight for what I believe in then fight for something I do not. If you like to check us out here are links for us