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Thread: Smith-Amash Anti-Indefinite Detention Amendment Back in House THIS WEEK!

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    Smith-Amash Anti-Indefinite Detention Amendment Back in House THIS WEEK!

    Congressman Amash posted:

    The House will vote again this week on the NDAA, which allows the federal government to detain YOU indefinitely without charge or trial. The Smith-Amash Amendment to repeal the unconstitutional detention provision will be back up for a vote—this time with the cosponsorship of my Republican colleague Chris Gibson.
    Contact your legislators and urge a YES vote!

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    Great job as always Rep. Amash.

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    Rep. Justin Amash:

    Thankful for allies in Congress w/courage to defend ordinary Americans against machinery of gov't. This week we'll see how many stand w/us.
    Repeal #NDAA indefinite detention without charge or trial. Your Representative in Congress will have the chance to do that this week
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    Go Justin!
    Pledge to donate to Rep. Thomas Massie on 4/20: (

    Donate to Rep. Thomas Massie on 4/20 (

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