So I hear the Illinois Republican Party has selected its new Chair in Jack Dorgan:

Jack Dorgan selected as new GOP chair for Illinois

After months of public infighting and constant bickering over issues that also continue to divide the national party, Illinois Republicans selected a new leader Saturday who they hope is the best option to bring factions of the party together after its poor showing in last November’s elections.

The party’s central committee chose committeeman and lobbyist Jack Dorgan of Rosemont as the party’s chair for the next year. He replaces outgoing chairman Pat Brady, who resigned last month after conservatives complained about his public support for gay marriage and other leadership issues.

Over the last few weeks, Dorgan, 53, emerged as a consensus choice with the potential to bridge gaps between the party’s conservative and moderate wings. Party leaders are seeking ways to appeal more to youths, women and minorities after a drubbing in state elections that allowed Democrats to nearly sweep contested congressional seats and achieve supermajorities in both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly.

So there's that, but then I read elsewhere that he's typical establishment:

My hope had been that the Illinois Republican Party would have heard the voices of grassroots conservatives loud and clear after too many years of establishment insiders running the party. We have needed a reform-minded conservative who can energize the base and rally independents to our cause. Unfortunately, those voices have fallen on deaf ears....Jack Dorgan is the absolute wrong choice to become chairman of the party. He is the quintessential party insider...Jack Dorgan is a living, breathing manifestation of the Illinois combine, in which Republicans have been marginalized as Democrats have continued to wield power and run the state into the ground.

So are there any folks in Illinois who have followed this?