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Thread: Leah Cole -- How LPAC Changed My Life

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    Default Leah Cole -- How LPAC Changed My Life

    Last September, I traveled from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the Liberty Political Action Conference in Chantilly, Virginia, to connect with other liberty-minded individuals and learn how I could become politically effective against the out-of-touch officials continually promoting Big Government and assaulting our liberties. http://paracom.paramountcommunicatio...723B878CE933:r

    I felt ineffective with just posting on Facebook, contributing to blogs, and just holding signs. As a nurse, I’m trained to always look for solutions, and I was completely fed up with an ever-expanding National Debt I can’t afford to pay back.

    I wanted to learn how to really make a difference.

    So I came to LPAC, and it changed my life.

    I heard from effective, experienced political experts with a track record of success, and they explained the Real Nature of Politics.

    My eyes were opened.

    I also listened to regular citizens, very much like myself, from the working class (not the political class) who were fed up with business as usual and decided to step up and make a difference.

    The speakers at LPAC inspired me and gave me hope to get involved and contribute to solving the problems facing America.

    As the conference drew to a close, those of us in attendance were urged not to disengage when we returned to our lives – to remain ever vigilant in our defense of Liberty.

    When I returned to Massachusetts, I connected with my local C4L chapter and attended more political trainings closer to home - all the time thinking I would strive to promote good legislation, attack bad legislation, or perhaps even work on the campaign of a Liberty candidate.

    However, due to the untimely passing of the then-current State Representative in my district (Peabody), a Special Election was called just four short months later. A Republican hadn’t held the seat in decades. (And this is Massachusetts, with just 11% registered Republicans.)

    Countless folks told me, essentially, “Nice try, kid, but you can’t win.” But I followed C4L's advice to directly deliver a message of small government to the voters.

    And it worked - not only in a Republican Primary against a strong establishment candidate, but most importantly in a stunning upset in the General Election!

    A year ago, I never thought that within 12 short months, I’d be a Massachusetts State Representative, voting against tax hikes, supporting entitlement reform, and promoting Liberty.

    There is an expression: Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity. LPAC is the best preparation you can get as you look for opportunities to promote Liberty, either as an activist or as a candidate.

    I hope to see you at LPAC 2013. This year, I have been asked by Campaign for Liberty to speak on one of their panels.

    I invite you to join me at this year’s event to learn how you can make a big impact for the cause of liberty.

    I was able to make a difference, and you can, too!

    In Liberty,

    Leah Cole

    P.S. Last year, I attended the Liberty Political Action Conference, and it changed my life.

    I heard from effective, experienced political experts with a track record of success, and they explained the Real Nature of Politics.

    In less than a year, I was able to put their training into practice as I became a Massachusetts State Representative.

    I hope you’ll join me at this year’s event to learn how you can make a difference, too!
    Link for tickets: http://paracom.paramountcommunicatio...723B878CE933:r
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