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Thread: I'll Die Before I Live Under a Thumb

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    I'll Die Before I Live Under a Thumb

    It is an attack by the fed machine—
    On the governed who dared to intervene.
    Government’s tendency is to control;
    Historically, each ultimately lost its soul.

    It is lucid to the philosophically aware;
    The left has cold and dark, tyrannical stare.
    For more control—they constantly insist—
    For them—Inalienable Rights do not exist.

    If you can Reason—you are the enemy;
    Governments have no regard for Humanity.
    Whenever limited government is advocated,
    The code for termination is activated.

    Political truth is Lord Acton’s maxim;
    Power eventually devolves into corruption.
    We are in the midst of a tyrannical thrust—
    The lines of ignorance are upon us.

    But to achieve the ultimate goal,
    They must have gun control.
    Leftists would subject us to tyranny,
    I see them as they see us—the enemy.

    The 2nd's intent is not hunting or personal protection,
    But to facilitate a well-armed insurrection.

    T Kosciuszko

    Liberty, Imagination and Reason,
    Are the pillars of US foundation.
    Human freedom is Imagination's most precious possession.

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    I enjoyed it.
    "We do have some differences and our approaches will be different, but that makes him his own person. I mean why should he [Rand] be a clone and do everything and think just exactly as I have. I think it's an opportunity to be independent minded. We are about 99% [the same on issues]." Ron Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thaddeus Kosciuszko View Post
    Liberty, Imagination and Reason,
    The enemies of HR departments worldwide despite claims of some of them to the contrary.
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