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Thread: Malik Obama's tax-exemption approved in one month!

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    Default Malik Obama's tax-exemption approved in one month!

    By contrast, we can compare the VanderSloot case to that of Malik Obama, the President’s half brother. His application for a tax-exemption was approved--by the same Lois Lerner, the senior IRS official at the Cincinnati office in charge of tax-exempt groups--within a month; one observer called it “an unprecedented timeline that stands in stark contrast to conservative organizations who have been waiting for more than three years, in some cases, for approval."
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    beat yah!

    IRS Rushed Obama Brother 501c < 30 Days, Gave Retroactive Exemption Back To 2008

    Well, let's add more crass from the criminals @ the IRS Lois Lerner,

    IRS exec that target conservative groups, got $42k in bonuses in 3 years...
    Earns as much as a US Senator
    States, She's "Bad at Math..."

    Donated Twice to Barry Obama's campaign

    ***Obama says, Jacob Lew took acting IRS Commissioner's resignation, but in an internal IRS emails, Steven Miller was already leaving this June.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Senior Internal Revenue Service officials knew agents were targeting tea party groups as early as 2011, according to a draft of an inspector general's report obtained by The Associated Press that seemingly contradicts public statements by the IRS commissioner.

    Documents: IRS letters harassing conservative groups came from Washington, DC headquarters and from California offices, despite Inspector General's focus on Cincinnati employees

    10 of 12 IRS offices implicated in scandal are in Washington
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    Nice Hollywood.

    They all seem to be Obama lovers at the IRS office.

    By the way, where's the Commissioner's resignation letter, signed and dated?

    Is it at the same place at Himmler Holder's recusal letter?

    These guys are better than the mob, they make sure nothing is on paper.

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