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Thread: Ron Paul Blimp YouTube

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    Ron Paul Blimp YouTube

    Well, here's the first of hopefully many Ron Paul Blimp YouTubes, complete with ELO and "Don't Bring Me Down."

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    Nice! I'm working on one myself right now.

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    Loved it, thanks

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    Great finally something short and sweet. Nice job.


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    I must say that looks powerful.

    Imagine if we really organized?!

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    That is soo cool!!! Awesome!!

    Here are some more pictures for you to work with!!!
    Whether you tell yourself you can or whether you tell yourself you can't... you are always right!

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    the youtube is doing its job see the pledges skyrocket
    ...or did i miss something else? anyways the pledges are booming.

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    Ok, just uploaded my video for the Ron Paul Blimp.

    Set to the theme of The Greatest American Hero (appropriate) with the classic phrase "I'm floating on air"

    Digg it here:

    Direct Youtube Link Here:

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    Great Job!

    This "Ron Paul Blimp" idea is definitely taking Ron's campaign into new, higher ground! Perfect metaphor. Perfect timing!


    After We The People successfully launch this Presidential campaign blimps will be a requirement for any candidate really serious about reaching the White House.

    The beauty of the "Ron Paul Blimp" is that it will plays incredibly well into the shear power of the freedom-liberty grassroots movement that is spreading across the world like a firestorm. FREEDOM & LIBERTY is the raw energy that is powering this idea. No other candidate can come close to pulling this off for they have ZERO/NO/ZILCH support from the grassroots. The energy and vision of freedmo and liberty as expressed from the grassroots is what is powering this, not money.


    Peace and God Bless,


    Peace and God Bless,

    The Freedom Fellowship

    Ron Paul 2008 - Hope For America!

    "Lord I have no plans of my own save those you shall reveal to me." Dean Fagerstrom - The Mission of Angion

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