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Thread: the MASSACHUSETTS Senate race in 2014

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    the MASSACHUSETTS Senate race in 2014

    the June 25th senate special election will most likely elevate either ed markey or gabriel gomez for the interum "remainder set" months
    of john kerry's term. had john kerry not stepped down to become our secretary of state, he'd have had to run again in 2014. it now
    looks like gabriel gomez does have 50/50 odds of becoming our next senator. he does not have a voting record that can be looked at
    in order to guess what his future votes will be like, he is a political neophyte and seems to be the antithesis and almost total opposite
    of ed markey, who is a classic bay state liberal. if gabriel gomez wins, and he is not a civil libertarian, ought we to think about backing
    a Libertarian Party person in 2014? there is going to be a point in time when we must as a nation roll back the two Patriot Acts as we
    dismantle our national security infrastructure, assuming that we have won the war on terror. we will need to restore our Bill of Rights to
    the way things were before September 11th of 2001 and if we as voters elect people who don't give a damn about our Constitution we
    will have to wait before anything like sanity replaces the jingoistic paranoia that parades as patriotism if we let it. i feel that Gabriel Gomez
    has to demonstrate to the voters that he knows what he is doing, that he can be highly principled and is willing to take unpopular stances.

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    duckies... G.G is history, but might run in 2014 anyway
    and we now have a House race coming into being. i saw a
    vintage FDR + JFK + LBJ era roar of pure "new deal" populism
    that begs a cal coolidge era question about our GOP as of
    late. we have a chance open for a civil libertarian here.

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    lets put our type of GOP contender into the Senate in d.c in 2014!!!!!

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