Ron Paul himself endorsed the film with this statement, 的 am very excited about Silver Circle, which spreads the message of liberty and sound money via an exciting tale of a future where the Federal Reserve has killed the dollar, the US economy has collapsed, and the federal government has slid into complete authoritarianism. Fortunately, a brave band of rebels works to restore liberty and undermine the Federal Reserve痴 power via an alternative currency."

We're having a local premiere for the film in the Seattle area on May 1st at 7 PM. The premiere will take place at SIFF Cinema at the Film Center, located at 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, Washington 98109. If you would like to attend, connect on the Facebook page dedicated to the event, found below

Tickets can be acquired at the below link:

Feel free to check out the trailer to the film below.


Please forward this info to any friends or groups who might be interested in attending the event!