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Thread: "The Government Can", Tim Hawkins - So True !

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    Thumbs up "The Government Can", Tim Hawkins - So True !

    I've had this on my youtube channel for years and it really doesn't get the views it deserves. Tim did an excellent job of making a very funny but oh so true commentary on how we get the short shaft in EVERYTHING the "government" does...

    Watch, enjoy, cry...

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    I guess I'm totally out of touch lately with everyone (or maybe it's that everyone has Boston on their minds). Usually when I post something, at least SOMEONE finds it interesting but I've posted this link to this very funny and appropriate video and it's like crickets chirping.

    Ok, nothing to see here, move along...

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    Tim is a very funny man. I liked him with longer hair though
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    I need to watch this again, was really funny and true...
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