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Thread: News: Anderson Twp, Ohio Tea Party Warns of Common Core Standards

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    News: Anderson Twp, Ohio Tea Party Warns of Common Core Standards

    Local Tea Party warns of Common Core standards

    Fox 19 - Cincinnati
    Apr 12, 2013

    ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH -- Some local parents spoke out against the Common Core State Standards Initiative, a U.S. education initiative to develop one set of academic standards to be used across all states.

    The Anderson Tea Party hosted an informational session on Friday, along with members of the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Tea Parties.

    Common Core Standards are an effort to create national standards for testing students in the areas of math and English. Sessions like the one held in Anderson are to warn parents that states could lose their say in education standards.

    "No one told members of the Senate Education Committee. They voted on our voucher law, having absolutely no idea there were Common Core strings attached. So we believe that at a minimum, the Common Core strings need to be detached from any voucher law," said Heather Crossin, with Hoosiers Against Common Core.

    Ohio and many of the 45 other Common Core states expect schools to teach these new standards by fall 2014.

    Ben Swann's Reality Check last week talked about Common Core, and why some are so opposed to it, as well as whether its standards could lead to national curriculum.


    Ben Swann: The truth behind "Common Core"
    Reality Check - Apr 03, 2013

    It is called 'Common Core' and the idea behind it is reasonable.

    States working together to create national standards for education.

    Standards that are 'designed to be robust and relevant to the real world'.

    Sounds good, so why is there growing opposition in Ohio and around the country to Common Core?

    Ben has the Reality Check you won't see anywhere else.


    Background on Common Core:

    Opposition to Obama-backed National Education Scheme Grows

    Obama Bribes States to Adopt National Education Curriculum

    Obama's "Common Core of Standards": Final Step in Phony School Reform

    Who's Behind the Common Core Curriculum?

    Will Common Core Standards Solve the Reading Problem?

    CFR Task Force Calls for Education Reform

    Federalized Progressive Education Marches On

    The Race to 
Centralize Education

    Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids

    A Short History of Government Education
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