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Thread: Checking in for a flight has never been the same since 1967

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    Checking in for a flight has never been the same since 1967

    Saw this hijacking history news in a blog, pretty interesting.
    Seems like that common denomintor among terrorists is often "rage against xyz" and not any one religion.

    Terrorism's Christian Godfather

    Vaetan / AP
    George Habash attacks a U.S.-sponsored Israeli-Palestinian peace plan during a speech in Beirut, March 11, 1979

    You could call George Habash, a Palestinian leader who died in Amman on Saturday at the age of 82, the godfather of Middle East terrorism. If you assumed that Palestinian or Arab extremism somehow sprung entirely from Islam — from the puritanical Wahabbi intolerance and so forth — take a close look at Habash's first name. He was a Greek Orthodox Christian, who sang in his church choir as a boy back in the Palestinian town of Lydda. Habash's life tells us a lot about the long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which seems as intractable as ever, and prompts reflection on the Middle East's seemingly unstoppable whirlwind of violence.

    Habash's group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), pioneered the hijacking of airplanes as a Middle East terror tactic — one eventually employed by the al-Qaeda hijackers on 9/11 — way back in 1968 when three PFLP armed operatives commandeered an Israeli El Al airliner enroute from Rome to Tel Aviv. Checking in for a flight has never been the same since.

    Many PFLP operations remain etched into history as some of the most infamous acts of terrorism. In 1970, PFLP terrorists hijacked four airliners at one time, flew three of them to Jordan, blew them up, and triggered the Black September civil war between Jordan's Hashemite monarchy and Palestinian guerrillas. In 1972, Japanese Red Army terrorists working with the PFLP massacred 24 people at Israel's Lod International Airport (now called Ben Gurion International Airport).

    In 1976, the PFLP's last hijacking ended in the daring rescue by Israeli counter-terrorism commandos in Entebbe, Uganda. By then, the actions of Habash's small but radical faction had propelled the Middle East into cycles of violence that were ever more extreme.

    What led Habash, a Christian physician — hence his nickname al-Hakim or the doctor — into such a life, of revolution, of killing? The son of a well-to-do merchant, he was trained at the American University of Beirut, the most liberal university in the Middle East then as now. His background was almost identical to that of his best friend, Wadia Haddad, the No. 2 in the PFLP and the operational genius and passionate proponent of the group's terrorist acts. When I asked Habash that question during a series of interviews many years ago, he simply told me about his personal experiences when his family lost its home during Israel's 1948 War of Independence, what the Palestinians call the Catastrophe.,00.html


    PFLP militants claim responsibility for Jerusalemattack that killed 3 Americans, 1 Brit
    Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine says two of its members killed four Israelis at a west Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday
    Tuesday 18 Nov 2014

    Terrorism's Christian Godfather,00.html

    Before "September 11", there was "Black September"

    Luttif Afif , alias Issa (Jesus in Arabic), was the commander of the group of Palestinian fedayeen who invaded the Munich Olympic Village on 5 September 1972 and took as hostage nine members of Israel's Olympic team after killing two who resisted.

    Afif told the German negotiators that he had been born in Nazareth, to a wealthy Christian Arab businessman father and a Jewish mother. Issa was described by Manfred Schreiber, chief of the Munich police and one of the German negotiators, as "very cool and determined, clearly fanatical in his convictions".

    Munich massacre

    The group's most infamous operation was the killing of 11 Israeli athletes, nine of whom were first taken hostage, and the killing of a German police officer, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. Black September's official name for the operation was "Ikrit and Biram", after the names of two Palestinian Christian villages whose residents had been killed or expelled by the Israeli military Haganah in 1948.

    India: Terror attack by NSCN militants fighting to create a Christian State kills 20

    Palestinian Christian leader in Canada: Shoot Israeli Jews if they don’t leave Jerusalem
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