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Thread: KS Senate Bill to allow Medical Marijuana

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    KS Senate Bill to allow Medical Marijuana

    Senate Bill No. 9 has been introduced and sent to committee in the Kansas Senate. The bill would legalize the use of marijuana for certain medical conditions. Here's the introduction to the bill:

    AN ACT enacting the cannabis compassion and care act; providing for the
    legal use of cannabis for certain debilitating medical conditions;
    providing for the registration and functions of compassion centers;
    authorizing the issuance of identification cards; establishing the
    compassion board; providing for administration of the act by the
    department of health and environment; amending K.S.A. 79-5210 and
    repealing the existing section.
    Be it enacted by the Legislature of the

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    Well this is a move in the right direction.

    It always annoys me how people use the whole "safety" argument against legalization of medical marijuana, yet some of the other legal drugs on the market are far more dangerous and addictive.

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