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Thread: US to bring new human rights resolution against Sri Lanka (War crimes vs Collateral Damage

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    US to bring new human rights resolution against Sri Lanka (War crimes vs Collateral Damage

    I am a bit confused, what constitutes war crimes ? What did the Sri Lanka army do ?
    They were fighting terrorists, like we do , weren't they ?
    We have "collateral damage" also and it is reported sanctions have killed a few thousand (or hundred thousand) children in Iraq.
    So why is the US Govt bringing a resolution against them ?
    Trying to take the high moral ground, while ignoring our own record ?

    Do they buy weapons from us or not ?
    Say if they did buy from us before and now maybe that their war is over so they won't - which is bad for the weapons industry.
    Then that might give another perspective to this .

    This another article from some site gives more juicy info. (Caution: WSWS stands for World Socialist Web Site !!)
    I am not sure how many facts are correct, but they do make sense

    A UN report estimated that tens of thousands of Tamil civilians were killed in the final months of the Sri Lankan military offensive, which included the deliberate targeting of hospitals and aid supplies. It also found evidence of the pro-government death squads carrying out ex-judicial murders.
    US never does that, right ? And CIA and JSOC do not carry out extra judicial killings, they certainly dont kill innocent civilians !

    In reality, the Obama administration’s concern is not with the implementation of the LLRC’s proposals or democratic rights in Sri Lanka. The US supported Rajapakse’s renewed war against the LTTE and only began raising the issue of “human rights” in the final weeks as a means of pressuring the Sri Lankan government to distance itself from China.

    The US diplomatic efforts in Colombo are part of the Obama administration’s “pivot to Asia”—an aggressive push throughout the region to strengthen military alliances and partnerships in order to undermine Chinese influence. China became the major supplier of arms to Sri Lanka during the civil war. Last September, visiting Chinese defence minister Liang Guanglie declared that Beijing wanted to develop closer military ties with Colombo. A few days later, senior Chinese Communist Party leader Wu Bingguo visited Sri Lanka and signed economic agreements, underlining Sri Lanka’s reliance on Chinese aid and investment.
    Now this might make sense. Military and Economic reasons - Human rights is just the cover !

    A further US warning to Colombo was the decision last month to refuse to accept Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe for military training in the United States. As commissioner for rehabilitation, Ranasinghe was in charge of the detention without trial of thousands of Tamil youth as “LTTE suspects”.
    Yep, we don't detain suspects, ... we drone them !!

    Hypocrisy !
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    And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us.....

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