As a savvy reporter who has chronicled hacking crimes for more than a decade, Krebs has long been on the receiving end of attacks. His site, KrebsonSecurity, is regularly knocked offline by DDoS attacks—presumably by people who are unhappy that the articles he publishes threaten their illicit livelihoods or tarnish their reputations. Indeed, the most recent attack happened only a few hours before the swarm of officers raided his house.

About six months ago, after receiving a round of new threats, he grew so concerned about the prospect of being swatted that he filed a report with the Fairfax County Police Department.

"The guy didn't even know what swatting was," Krebs said of the officer who came to his home to take the report. "I was kind of surprised."

During Thursday's confrontation, Krebs recalled making the report. But wisely, he largely kept his disbelief and dismay to himself.

"I knew immediately from the minute I saw the policemen behind the car what had happened," he said. "You don't argue with someone who's pointing a gun. You don't argue when the police show up with overwhelming force.

You just do what you're told and explain it later."

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