Washington Post from the scene at CPAC with a summation of Rand Paul's talk there today--which I understand from twitter had at least one reference to not arresting non-violent drug users (a wan declaration that evades a whole lot about what's wrong with drug war enforcement):
Twitter also strongly implies that Paul's reception was far heartier and more enthusiastic from the crowd than was Marco Rubio of Florida who spoke before him--a good sign for the Party's future.

I wrote yesterday on the 3 Problems Paul must face moving his political career and cause forward.

UPDATE: According to this on-scene report, much of the crowd stood through the whole talk in filibuster solidarity.

He plays the "resentment of those who hate us" card in attacking foreign aid (on Egypt specifically). Well, however you get people hating foreign aid, I guess.

Talks about the younger generation--"Facebook generation"--as being all for being left alone, individual liberty, and against putting nonviolent drug users in jail; and "hell no!" against crony capitalist bailouts.

And here's the video [Updated for better, more complete version]: