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Thread: Economists Warn Fed Risks Losing Control Amid Budget Deficits

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    Default Economists Warn Fed Risks Losing Control Amid Budget Deficits

    Four economists, including a former Federal Reserve governor who has co-written research with Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, warned that losses from the central bank’s more than $3 trillion balance sheet could lead to the Fed losing control of monetary policy.

    “The combination of a massively expanded central bank balance sheet and an unsustainable public debt trajectory is a mix that has the potential to substantially reduce the flexibility of monetary policy,” the economists write. “This mix could induce a bias toward slower exit or easier policy, and be seen as the first step toward fiscal dominance. It could thereby be the cause of longer-term inflation expectations and raise the risk of inflation overall.”

    The conclusion from economists, including Frederic Mishkin, a governor at the central bank from 2006 to 2008 and an academic collaborator with Bernanke before that, will be presented at the U.S. Monetary Policy Forum in New York. Their paper serves as a high-profile warning to an audience including Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren, Fed Governor Jerome Powell and St. Louis Fed President James Bullard.

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    losses from the central bank’s more than $3 trillion balance sheet could lead to the Fed losing control of monetary policy.
    Does this mean we have to bailout the Fed too? Of course we will have to borrow the money from them in order to bail them out.
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    It is going to happen - we just don't know when.
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    It is going to happen - we just don't know when.
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    Hmmm, another large contributing factor as to why the price of gas shot up 50 cents a gallon in two weeks. Back over 4 bones a gallon here...
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    it's too late now you morons!

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    Just let the DoD bail um out. Sooner or later they will figure out which mattress they "misplaced" that 3.5 Trillion under.


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