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Thread: UK - All dogs must be RFID microchipped by 2016

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    Exclamation UK - All dogs must be RFID microchipped by 2016

    Working their way up to people.

    Enjoy your brave new world.

    All dogs in England to get microchips by 2016

    LONDON (AP) Dog owners who refuse to fit Fido with a microchip may someday find themselves fetching a hefty fine, the British government said Wednesday.

    All dogs in England will have to be fitted with microchips by 2016, authorities said, meaning that canines across the country will be chasing cars with a tiny circuit embedded in the back of their necks.

    Britain's Environment Department said that the chips would help reunite owners with lost or stolen pets, promote animal welfare and take the pressure off animal shelters. "It's a shame that in a nation of dog lovers, thousands of dogs are roaming the streets or stuck in kennels because the owner cannot be tracked down," Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said in a statement. "Microchipping is a simple solution that gives peace of mind to owners."

    Many British pet owners already have veterinarians insert chips under the skin of dogs, cats, and rabbits in a bid to keep track of their animals. The Environment Department says 60 percent of Britain's 8 million pet dogs already have microchips, which can be scanned and matched to their owners' details.

    But officials say what was once an optional extra will become mandatory in three years. Owners who refuse to fit their dogs with chips face fines of up to 500 pounds ($800). Horse owners have had to chip their animals since 2009, a spokeswoman for the Environment Department said Wednesday. The chips will remain optional for cats because dogs are out in public more often than their feline counterparts, a spokeswoman said.

    Different parts of the United Kingdom have different rules governing pets: The chips are compulsory in Northern Ireland; Wales is considering such a move; Scotland has no such rule. Inserting chips into animals' necks is a technique used worldwide to keep track both of domestic animals and livestock, although rules vary according to country. German shepherds can bound across Berlin chip-free, but Chihuahuas in Milan and Portuguese water dogs in Lisbon can't be caught without. In some parts of Spain, cats need chips too.

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    Dogs today, people tomorrow.

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    Funny how these things move against the jet stream.

    Localized incremental acid, sent bulk overseas.

    I wouldn't care about this except for the strange of rise of the Europhile.

    On the good side this would identify lost pets and animal abandoners alike.
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    "I will consider chipping my dog when you show me 3rd party proof that these are safe in a long term study" Even then, it will still just be a consideration"

    People need to put on this hat, if we do not start standing up in small ways, we are DONE.

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    This mental conditioning is really disturbing. There is a 100% chance in the next 30 years that this gets introduced into the general human populations in the hundreds of millions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jclay2 View Post
    This mental conditioning is really disturbing. There is a 100% chance in the next 30 years that this gets introduced into the general human populations in the hundreds of millions.
    It was in Obamacare, removed, but they still tried to slip it in. I think it will be less than 30 years, I say in 2 generations they will be born with a chip so small and so secret that even the doctors and nurses dont know its in there.

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    It is a foreign object which the body rightfully rebels against. Wonder how these loving pet owners are going to feel watching their pets die from cancer caused by these things? Of course you are a kook if you disagree with this ya know all for the sake of the children err...I mean pets. Yep, this will become a necessity with national healthcare. Start small and work your way up the food chain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by green73 View Post
    Dogs today, people tomorrow.
    That is basically what I say every time someone asks why I do not have my dog chipped. Of course, they look at me like I'm crazy.

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    my dog is chipped by the previous owner. =s..

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    Which company builds these?
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    Now the cops will be able to easily track down every dog in the house to shoot.

    Say, is there even an issue with cops shooting dogs in the UK? All those stories seem to come from the US.
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