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Thread: Global Dairy Demand Drives Up Prices

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    Default Global Dairy Demand Drives Up Prices

    For my economic class we had to listen to this 5 minute NPR blaming it on low supply and a couple other things like the drought or whatever (from 2007)

    what about inflation?

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    If the price is rising at about the same rate as everything else- yeah, probably inflation. If they are rising faster than other prices (like milk is), then there are market factors definately involved.
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    seen places simply pouring milk out to alter market price on some videos

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    I would just like to bring up inflation to my professor

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    Well , it will rise .It is delivered to a store in a Truck that gets 6 MPG and uses $4 diesel .Corn prices will drive culling ( there is your drought ).There is Govt intervention in milk pricing as well .One of the reasons diesel ( and corn ) is so high, is ( of course ), Govt intervention. If I had to buy land , (pay property tax ), buy cattle , buy feed , haul milk , I could not sell it to you for $8 a gallon and break even. Welcome to the world.Glad I need no milk.

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    When you buy a gallon of milk , you will be paying, property tax ,state tax , Federal tax ,paying the percentage of corn that goes to the fuel market , paying for feed , paying for the drought , paying for fuel , unlimited govt intervention , paying healthcare penalties etc .
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    We have not even got to worthless paper dollars, food inlation yet , do not need to . Milk and gasoline sell for about 100% more than they did five years ago , did someone expect that to go down ???

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    Income is down, costs are up , unemployment is , and will remain stagnant, we are at full employment( I believe) , until it starts to get worse. Property taxes increase, insurance costs increase etc

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    Did your Prof get a raise these past years while others saw income decrease ,costs rise ? Did he give to the food bank ?

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    If I had dairy cattle, I would eat them, more fun than paying for feed.

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    Big Govt may be fun for some $#@!,but not for someone with cows or someone who needs to buy milk......

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    Today was a very , very quiet day on the Chicago Mercantile. You still had this; March rice, up , March & May Corn, up ( corn running around $7.30) .March & Nov Soybeans, up , Mar Soymeal , up.

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    There will likely , not be significant decreases in these prices, but, with corn especially there could be a possibility of huge increases ( his would effect meat, dairy, fuel ) etc.This is dependent upon the next corn crop.Then we can get into inflation, worthless money .....

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    Today , on the Mercantile , corn , up 10 3/4 to $7.40 , May corn , $7.41 , Soybeans , 20 to 28 cents higher. Anybody get a 30 cent raise today, or just a 2 percent or more tax hike from Jan 1 ??

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    At this point , there really is no reason not to expect milk and bacon prces , by next summer to be four times what they were five years ago , and for beef to be out of lower income households reach.

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    Aw come on man we're in a boom cycle right now see this thread..

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    . . . and the farmer is still only getting paid about a quarter of parity.
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    This is really bad for the ice cream business. Their prices will have to go up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2young2vote View Post
    This is really bad for the ice cream business. Their prices will have to go up.
    Another four years or so , ice cream may just be for the wealthy .

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    Quote Originally Posted by tod evans View Post
    Aw come on man we're in a boom cycle right now see this thread..
    Here is my guess , food prices will boom , wages will not.

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