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Thread: Kerry Bentivolio co-sponsors first bill

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    Default Kerry Bentivolio co-sponsors first bill

    WASHINGTON -- It didn’t take metro Detroit’s newest congressman long to find a piece of legislation he wanted to put his name on.

    On Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio’s office announced he’d signed on as a cosponsor of H.R. 109, which would require Congress to specify the constitutional authority for every piece of legislation it enacts.

    "I am proud that the first bill I am cosponsoring holds Congress accountable for its highest duty of upholding the Constitution," said Bentivolio (R-Milford).

    "I was sent to Congress to protect our rights, not take them away. If this bill is enacted, it will act as a safeguard against unconstitutional legislation."

    Bentivolio, a political newcomer, took the oath of office last week.

    The legislation, otherwise known as the Enumerated Powers Act, was introduced by Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia and helps refine a rule enacted two years ago in the Republican-led U.S. House.

    At that time, House leaders adopted a rule requiring each bill be accompanied by a statement explaining why it was allowed under the U.S. Constitution. Last year, however, complaints were raised that some members of Congress were providing incomplete statements. The legislation would require clear constitutional authority and allow other members of the House to raise objections for inadequate or flawed statements of constitutional authority.

    The bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

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    When is he going to co-sponsor audit the fed and the sanctity of life act?

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    Good start, Kerry.
    “I have many friends in the libertarian movement who look down on those of us who get involved in political activity,”
    he acknowledged, but "eventually, if you want to bring about changes … what you have to do is participate in political
    ” -- Ron Paul

    "We do have some differences and our approaches will be different, but that makes him his own person. I mean why should he [Rand] be a clone and do everything and think just exactly as I have. I think it's an opportunity to be independent minded. We are about 99% the same on issues." "People Try To Drive Wedges Between Rand And Me." --Ron Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confederate View Post
    When is he going to co-sponsor audit the fed and the sanctity of life act?
    Audit the FED now has 100 co-sponsors... Bentivolio is still missing.

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