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Thread: The 6th Annual International Students For Liberty (2/15/13)

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    Default The 6th Annual International Students For Liberty (2/15/13)

    anyone going?

    The International SFL Conference is the premiere event of the year for students dedicated to liberty and advancing freedom on campus. The world’s largest crowd of pro-liberty students will gather for a weekend of learning about liberty from contemporary leaders in liberty, discussing best practices for promoting liberty on campus, getting more involved in the larger movement for liberty, and enjoying a massive celebration of freedom! Register here:

    This year we are proud announce our Friday night keynote will John Mackey, the CEO & co-founder of Whole Foods Market Inc. Friday night will also feature a performance by Dorian Electra. The action doesn't stop as Saturday & Sunday will feature more breakout sessions than ever before and Saturday night will include another taping of the STOSSEL show with libertarian new personality, John Stossel.

    Students For Liberty was founded at the first conference in 2008 with 100 attendees. The ISFLC has grown every year in both size and quality of the experience. The 2012 Conference featured over 1,000 attendees at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC.

    2008 – The inaugural Students For Liberty Conference in 2008 drew 100 students from 42 schools in 3 countries.
    2009 – The 2009 International SFL Conference brought 153 students from 86 schools in 13 countries together.
    2010 – The 2010 ISFLC drew 304 young liberty advocates through “Snowpocalypse” to Washington DC.
    2011 – The 2011 conference broke all the previous records with over 500 attendees
    2012 - Over 1,000 attendees including PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, IHS President Marty Zupan, 58 breakout sessions, partner organizations from across the movement, and a taping of the STOSSEL Show featuring David Boaz, Nick Gillespie, and former UN Ambassador John Bolton.

    Register here today!

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    I will be there! It is going to be incredible. The list of speakers and lectures is wonderful.

    The Institute for Humane Studies
    Prices and Knowledge
    Howard Baejter

    What Kind of Libertarian Are You?
    Nigel Ashford

    The Truth Hurts: Public Choice and Liberty
    Bryan Caplan

    Profit, Loss, and Discovery
    Howard Baejter

    How to Change the World for Liberty
    Nigel Ashford

    The Myth of the Rational Voter
    Bryan Caplan

    The Case Against Education
    Bryan Caplan

    Be a Learn Liberty producer and give your feedback!

    What Rights Do We Have, And Why?
    Mark LeBar

    Law and Order: The Development of Criminal Law
    John Hasnas

    From Invisible Hands to Visible Hearts
    Greg Wolcott

    Equality as an Ideal
    Mark LeBar

    Law and the Market: The Failure of the Market Failure Argument
    John Hasnas

    Toughest Challenges to Liberty: Bring yours and appear on Learn Liberty!

    The Cato Institute
    Restoring Constitutional Liberty
    Roger Pilon

    Privacy Under Attack
    Jim Harper

    The Clone Wars: Fighting to Educate Free Individuals
    Neal McCluskey

    A Foreign Policy for Advancing Liberty Abroad (without Undermining It at Home)
    Chris Preble

    Economic Growth and the Future of Liberty
    Brink Lindsey

    How the Government Uses “Science” to Take Away Your Stuff
    Pat Michaels

    How to Win Every Libertarian Argument
    Jason Kuznicki

    Why Libertarians Should Care Much More about Immigration
    Alex Nowrasteh

    The Foundation for Economic Education
    Never Mind the Gap: Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Wealth Inequality
    Max Borders

    The Libertarian’s Guide to north Korea
    Michael Malice

    What Every Libertarian Needs to Know About Endangered Species
    Michael Malice

    Heart, Head and Spirit: The Art of Persuasion
    Max Borders

    What Austrian Economics Is and Is Not
    Steve Horwitz

    The Invisible Costs of Inflation
    Steve Horwitz

    New Men for a New World: Marxism, Libertarianism, and The Hunger Games
    Trevor Burrus

    Activity: Determining Maximum Payoff
    Sara Walcott

    The Atlas Society
    Rand & Hayek: Philosophic Friends or Foes?
    David Kelley

    Republicans, Libertarians, and What is Really Possible in Politics
    Edward Hudgins

    Myths About Ayn Rand and Objectivism
    Will Thomas

    Human Nature, Atheism, and the Philosophy of the Declaration of Independence
    Alexander Cohen

    Galt’s Gulch Now
    Aaron Day

    Student Rights on Campus: Absent Force, Does the Concept Apply?
    Alexander Cohen

    The Atlas Network
    Become a Successful Public Speaker
    Tom Palmer

    Atlas Leadership Academy
    Brad Lips

    Libertarianism in Difficult Places
    Panel discussion Moderated by Tom Palmer

    The Independent Institute
    The Golden Age of Freedom Is Ahead
    Anthony Gregory

    Why War Should Be the Number One Issue for Proponents of Liberty
    Ivan Eland

    Living Economics
    Peter Boettke

    Economic Growth and Ideology
    Donald Boudreaux

    The Competive Enterprise Institute
    Free Market Environmentalism and Faux Market Environmentalism: How to Spot the Difference
    Iain Murray

    Free Markets and Immigration: Why Free Societies Are Open Societies
    David Bier

    Additional Sponsors & Sessions
    Civil Liberties, the War on Terrorism, and the Constitution
    Sheldon Richman and Bruce Fein, moderated by Jacob Hornberger
    The Future of Freedom Foundation

    The Future of Marijuana Legalization
    Rob Kampia
    Marijuana Policy Project

    Free Speech on Your Campus: Real Students, Real Solutions
    Robert Shibley, Sean Clark & Jaclyn Hall
    Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

    NRA University
    Krista Cupp & Miranda Bond
    National Rifle Association

    Why a Former Narcotics Agent and Police Commander Says “Legalize Drugs”
    Neill Franklin
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

    Is the Free State Project the “Single Biggest Threat” to New Hampshire?
    Carla Gericke
    Free State Project

    The Federal College Sex Mandate: Restoring Due Process and the Presumption ofInnocence
    Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

    The Necessity of Seasteading and the Promise of a Blue Frontier
    Charlie Deist
    The Seasteading Institute

    How to Advance Liberty: Winning Hearts & Minds the IJ Way
    Bob Ewing
    Institute for Justice

    Cronyism, Corporatism, and Free Market Populism
    Tim Carney
    American Enterprise Institute

    5 Reasons Why Christianity is Compatible with Economic Freedom
    Anne Bradley
    The Institute for Work, Freedom and Economics

    Why Real Campaign Finance Reform is the First Amendment
    Brad Smith
    Center for Competitive Politics

    How is the U.S. Free Speech Standard Unique?
    Javier El-Hage
    Human Rights Foundation

    Gays and the State
    Nigel Ashford

    The Capital Theory of Social Change
    Jared Fuller

    The Teachings of Chairman Jim: The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Building a Libertarian Campus Organization
    Jim Lark

    How to Connect and Sell Liberty
    Judd Weiss

    Bleeding Heart Libertarianism: Free Markets and Social Justice
    Panel with Jason Brennan, Steve Horwitz & Sarah Skwire moderated by Zak Slayback

    The Militarization of Main Street
    Radley Balko

    Video Advocacy: Using Stories to Fight for Liberty
    Michael Mangin & Erin Wildermuth

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    yeah when is the schedule out though?

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