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Thread: 1st Please Sign Petition to stop NY Gun Laws: Opinion: Two Americas Call for two President

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    Default 1st Please Sign Petition to stop NY Gun Laws: Opinion: Two Americas Call for two President

    First Please sign this petition so this New York State Senator Kathleen Marchione can file a Lawsuit against Gov Cuomo and the State of New York's Draconian Gun Control Law, ANYONE CAN SIGN but one state losing Gun Rights should be considered by all a dangerous slope for all states in General. Please Sign:

    2nd as I mention this Pro Gun Petition in New York I am sad to see many New Yorkers actually support Governor Cuomo's ban on the 2nd amendment according to a poll from the New York Post from a group called Sienna who did the poll:

    This is more proof that there is really 2 America's. Most Americans respect the 2nd Amendment BUT states like New York and California always oppose it and have the biggest entitlement states out there. Truth be told THE REALITY IS WHEN THERE ARE 2 AMERICA'S THERE IS NO WAY THE STATES CAN MAINTAIN FOREVER.

    Many of the less entitlement states like Georgia and Texas have to support these states with there federal dollars. These Conservative and Libertarian States really should consider electing there own President. Conservative states like Alabama unlike New York want to keep there 2nd Amendment rights and respect the Constitution. I am sick of bailing out States like New York and California who give illegal aliens benefits and what do these Progressive states Like New York do, screw the Conservative states that are trying to enact laws to prevent illegal aliens like Arizona by threatening to boycott there goods. States and there population 1st off have to stand up to there politicians and say NO MORE FEDERAL DOLLARS TO THESE PROGRESSIVE STATES LIKE NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA. When these Lib states support banning the 2nd Amendment and states like Texas and Mississippi that have a culture of law abiding gun owners and want to restrict the 2nd amendment and have the nerve to boycott states like Arizona who want to enforce immigration laws. Then it is time for the Midwest and South to begin BOYCOTTING GOODS AND SERVICES FROM PROGRESSIVE STATES LIKE NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA JUST LIKE THEY DID TO ARIZONA FOR ITS ILLEGAL ALIEN LAW TO STOP ILLEGALS FROM CROSSING THE BORDER. If President Obama and the Northeast like New York want to screw the 2nd amendment over which is in the Constitution then we need to start considering telling the President WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NO LONGER WANT TO SUPPORT ARE FEDERAL DOLLARS TO STATES THAT SUPPORT VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION. If he doesn't listen it is time for those states to withdraw from the union and elect there OWN PRESIDENT and those Gun Grabbing Progressive states can KEEP OBAMA AS PRESIDENT and will get are own President. President Obama is violating the Constitution and many of these New York Libs support Gun Confiscation and Banning the 2nd amendment and the NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY ADMITTED DURING THE GUN CONTROL DEBATE.

    Really people who are fans of Alex Jones and others should be calling the show and telling him to CALL FOR A BOYCOTT OF BUYING GOODS AND SERVICES MADE IN NEW YORK AS A PROTEST AGAINST THE GUN LAWS IN THAT STATE. If they did it to Arizona of illegal alien law WHY SHOULD WE NOT CALL FOR A BAN ON THERE GOODS AND SERVICES FOR VIOLATING THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.

    If these progressive states like New York and California want to BAN GUNS and interfere with the 2nd amendment then it is time to stop Federal Funds to them and to boycott there goods and services and the Midwest and South population MUST CONSIDER DOING SO. If President Obama doesn't listen then it is time to withdraw from the Union and elect a President for the Conservative and Libertarian states and see if Conservative and Libertarian or Progressive states really do better. Don't let these Progressive States take away your 2nd amendment rights. STAND UP TO THEM, BOYCOTT THERE GOODS AND SERVICES AND NO MORE FEDERAL FUNDS FOR STATES THAT TAKE AWAY THE 2nd AMENDMENT OF ARE U.S. CONSTITUTION. Then maybe we Conservatives and Libertarians can get Ron Paul really for President.


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    Ah but there's only one America. I don't know where those other f*cktards think they live. They seem damn certain they live in Britain or maybe even North Korea.

    In all seriousness though, I was actually thinking today that this nation may be far too deeply divided. Fancy seeing this post.

    Yet if that is true, then there is no legislative purpose anymore. All that can be said, has been said. There would be nothing left to do, than brawl it out and let the victor write the history.
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