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Thread: 3D metal printer research project

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    Default 3D metal printer research project

    For my senior design project, my partners and I tried to research the creation of an ultrasonic 3D printer, that can make things out of metal (or maybe even things made of plastic, metal, etc fused together). The technologies already exist for must of it, it's more a matter of combining them.

    With the interest in finding ways to make guns at home, I figure this might be helpful. Problem is that we don't have the financial resources to continue working on this, because the appropriate components needed are more expensive than what we have in our pockets. If you're interested in this idea or know of a way that could help with getting this to the market, please let me know.

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    I'm a moderator, and I'm glad to help. But I'm an individual -- my words come from me. Any idiocy within should reflect on me, not Ron Paul, and not Ron Paul Forums.

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    Perhaps, but there are issues/reservations with these types of entities.

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    this is not a new idea and when I was in the casting/part production business 25 years ago they were working on integrating various materials into rapid prototyping/parts production. suggest you research "service bureaus" and go through the US patents - anything you do will step on existing patents. metal part mfgs, composite material mfgs and plastic injection mold mfgs send lots of $$ on R&D to reduce costs and bring products to market. 3d printers making progress but many players and protected technology already - sorry.
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    Keep it open source and get in touch with Defense Distributed.
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    Check out

    They have a patented crowd-funding portal and the grown-up platform you most likely need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Desmond View Post
    Perhaps, but there are issues/reservations with these types of entities.
    I'll PM you.
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