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Thread: Two 6-year-olds were suspended from an elementary school for playing “cops and robbers”...

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    Default Two 6-year-olds were suspended from an elementary school for playing “cops and robbers”...

    Me in another thread: The boys were always being punished...usually just for being boys and doing boy things, like playing star wars during recess.

    It's only gotten worse, I see.

    Speaking of education competition, when will “no tolerance” school rules die already? Two 6-year-olds were suspended from an elementary school for playing “cops and robbers” during recess.
    So they were both playing bad guys then.

    Two more Maryland school kids got into trouble for pointing their fingers playing cops and robbers at school.

    Actually, in the Eastern Shore schoolyard during recess in this latest case.

    It happened last week at White Marsh Elementary in Talbot County.

    The two six year olds had been playing and were suspended for a day.

    The father of one of the boys is in the Army and said he thinks the punishment was excessive for what amounted to horseplay between two first graders.

    School officials declined comment citing federal confidentiality laws.

    The mother of one of the boys said the principal told her the suspension in his case would be withdrawn.

    A similar case recently in Silver Spring led to a first grader being suspended could lead to a lawsuit there.
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    School salaries paid with federal tax dollars, obviously there's no link between an employees performance and a local school board authorizing payment of salaries.

    The only way to get these folks to behave responsibly is for the parents to control the purse strings...

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    The one mother whose boy will have the suspension dropped was probably playing the cop.
    Best of luck in life.

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