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Thread: Glen Bradley Honor the Oath speech.

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    Default Glen Bradley Honor the Oath speech.

    This is probably the least prepared I have ever been for a speech in my life.

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    It seemed to work though. Only one crowd moment was forced.

    ETA and one they surprised me with.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pointy roof of the General Assembly in the background. People washed in and out. For a Wednesday afternoon, around 150 present at peak, and people figure around 200 throughput over the day.

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    The point being for a Wednesday afternoon from Noon to four. There never was going to be a tsunami of people during the swearing in.

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    The podium was hand-made by my stepfather the weekend before the event.

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    Is this how we expand the grasp of liberty?

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    I think you are a great representative for liberty and you need to keep politickin'

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    You really look natural up there Glenn, good speech. Really made a cohesive case and focused on what I believe are real priorities. Video quality of this is nice too. I'm impressed -- thanks!

    I have a suggestion: you frequently use phrases like 'restore the constitutional order' and 'support constitutional government'. Might be good to tack on a few words to these phrases each time you use them to aide in branding the sum of ideas. Tell the whole philosophy and make it idiot proof. For instance, 'restore the constitutional order, balance of powers, to a small (limited) government as the founding fathers of our country intended' or 'support a small government limited by the U.S. Constitution, with far fewer laws and less Federal intrusion.'

    What I'm thinking is that these are often the soundbyte moments that people will retain. Each a chance to provide a fuller picture to those less familiar with where you stand. When people come across a bit of information in the future that relates to politics, they will face a critical time where they assimilate what they've learned from your speech - we want them to do so accurately. An extra reference like those above (support small constitutional gov't) could be the one that sticks.
    I'm a moderator, and I'm glad to help. But I'm an individual -- my words come from me. Any idiocy within should reflect on me, not Ron Paul, and not Ron Paul Forums.

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    Yes, it would probably be helpful to expand even more into phrases the tea parties will understand. We have made a real effort in NC for Paulers to stay friendly with the Tea's and it seems to be working.

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