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Thread: Honor The Oath - North Carolina - video thread

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    Default Honor The Oath - North Carolina - video thread

    Kevin Daniels, President of the North Carolina Frederick Douglass Foundation.
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    Adam Love Chair of the North Carolina Campaign for Liberty
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    there will be more.

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    The 'Tea Party Opposition' estimated as many as 200 people passed through between visiting their Reps and the rally. On a Wednesday afternoon. Which I think was a little amazing for a Wednesday afternoon.

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    It was 70 degrees and sunny, and even the NCGOP chair came by and we let him speak for a couple minutes on how he wants to help us restore limited government.

    I couldn't believe it was 70 degrees and sunny on January 9th.

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    NC House Representative Michael Speciale

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    NC House Representative Larry Pittman

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    Our very own LadyJade Rachel Mills:

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    And the surprise appearance from the Chairman of the North Carolina Republican party, Robin Hayes:

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    CCC took amazing video, actually. Don't you think?

    Well, this was my first event ever, other than running for office, and I never did anything like this when running for office.

    So 200 people on a Wednesday afternoon, opening with prayer at the moment our legislators are being sworn in, and with all this amazing video I think it was a success.

    Thanks to all the people who stepped in to pull it off when I was absconded to Wisconsin.

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    Added the higher quality CCC videos for Bill LuMaye and Adam Love. It looks like the only speaker I don't have video for yet is Jim Dancy, still working on that, and apparently the CCC video failed for Greg Brannon, so he is the only one we will have to rely on 'other' video sources, and hopefully some video fo Jim Dancy shows up.

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